1. Agendas & Open Meeting Notices

    Search through committee and board agendas and minutes.

  2. Boards

    City of Columbus Boards

  3. City Council

    Learn when the council meets, read agenda and minutes and find who the liaisons are for this council.

  4. Committees & Commissions

    Browse through the boards, committees and commissions running our town.

  5. City Hall Staff

    Learn about the various departments that are run by the city government.

  6. Energy Sustainability

    The City of Columbus has made a commitment to energy sustainability that results in better use of resources, reduced expenses and an enhanced quality of life for residents.

  7. Local Organizations

    Find out what kind of boards and committees are working for the local government.

  8. Mayor

    Read a short note from the Mayor.

  9. Ordinances & Resolutions

    Read through the city's comprehensive plan, maps and various city codes.