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  1. Contact the City

    Search contact information for all employees of the City.

  2. Find Agendas & Minutes

    Keep up to date with meetings for all city councils, boards and commissions.

  3. Find a Job

    Search for a job locally with the city.

  4. License a Dog

    Read this notice to dog owners in the City.

  5. Read Ordinances & Resolutions

    Read through the city's comprehensive plan, maps and various city codes.

  6. Register to Vote

  7. Work Permits

    Minors under the age of 18 must obtain a work permit. The City has staff members who are certified by the State of Wisconsin to issue a work permit. To obtain a work permit you will need the following items: 1.) PROOF OF AGE. Duly attested birth certificate, verified baptismal certificate, driver's license (in state only) or WIDOT issued photo ID. 2.) LETTER FROM EMPLOYER. Must include the employer's name, address, phone number stating the minor's job description, anticipated hours of work and time of day that the minor will be working. 3.) APPROVAL FROM PARENT/GUARDIAN/FOSTER PARENT. This can be a letter from the parent, guardian or foster parent or the parent, guardian or foster parent can sign the bottom of the letter from the employer stating the minor has their approval. 4.) SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. 5.) PERMIT FEE: $10