Downtown Capstone Redevelopment Plan

An Opportunity for Urban Renaissance
The City’s Community Development Authority (CDA) is reviewing the Columbus Downtown Capstone Project Plan (PDF). Entitled "An Opportunity for Urban Renaissance", the plan evaluates the potential of urban renewal in Columbus' downtown and presents an innovative, practical and feasible economic and energy sustainability plan from which the City, the private sector and the public can use to revitalize downtown.

The plan outlines a comprehensive review of redevelopment opportunities and recommendations, including new parking options and street scape designs in the James Street corridor, a Dickason Boulevard Festival District, a redeveloped Empire Plaza concept around the Amtrak station, a Waterfront Redevelopment Phase option on North Water Street, and renewable and energy conservation features.

The plan was developed by Stacey Brochtrup through the UW-Madison School of Landscape Architecture.

Additional Resources
For additional information on the plan, contact Patrick Vander Sanden, Economic Development Director.