Columbus Recognized for Energy Efficiency Program

Columbus Water and Light (CWL) was presented with a Recognition Award by the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program for high customer participation in the recent Express Energy Efficiency Program. This Focus on Energy program, offered to residential customers only, allowed for an energy efficiency representative to install up to 12 Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs, high efficiency faucet aerators and showerheads, and water-saving kitchen flip aerators, as well as insulate hot and cold water pipes, and offer water heater temperature setback assistance.
Steve Sobiek Receiving Award from Dan Guse
Columbus had a 10.3% participation rate with 172 CWL residential customers participating. As a result, cumulative annual energy savings of the Columbus program were 110,956 kWh of electricity, 8,694 Therms of natural gas, and 1,020,149 gallons of water.

Columbus Water and Light residential customers can still participate in the Express Energy Efficiency program by calling 855-533-8103

In addition, Columbus Water and Light customers can participate in the new Columbus Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program (E3P), including Home Performance with Energy Star, high power floor lamp exchange, super high efficiency clothes washer cash reward, Tree Power and Central Air Conditioning Tune Up. To participate or for further information, contact Jim Schieble at 608-576-9017 or Patrick Vander Sanden at 920-623-5900.