Business Info

James Street Reconstruction Business Coordination Meeting

Wednesday April 26th, Noon

Columbus Community Center 

161 N. Dickason Blvd.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the contractors working on the James Street project will be on hand to discuss progress to date and plans for the next couple of months.  Bring your questions and concerns.

Sign Program Available to Help Customers Find Downtown Parking

The City of Columbus has purchased and installed a number of new signs downtown to help guide customers to nearby parking lots.  This, coupled with business efforts to educate customers, should help answer the question of "where do I park"?  Businesses may purchase standard sized and approved "rider" signs that will be attached to the parking sign(s) closest to your business. If you have an interested in participating in the signage program, please contact JD Milburn, from Columbus Downtown Development Corporation at or 608-957-6080.  The business signs can be placed underneath the new wayfinding signs pointing to the City’s municipal lots.  Please act quickly so that an order to get a bunch of the signs produced and put out.  Let’s work together to spread the word that Columbus downtown is open for business, construction or not.