Weekly Update

Construction Update for the Week of August 21st

This week will be defined by pavement. Paving will happen Thursday, August 17th and Friday, August 18th.

Work will begin at the Industrial Dr./Dix St./James St. intersection and progress east to the old Countryside Ford dealership. It will then shift and roadway will be laid from Ludington St. up to Charles St.

Paving will stop at the old dealership because there is still work to be done on a water main that runs under the road at that location.

The pavement being laid on the aforementioned dates will only be the middle two lanes of the roadway. The parking lanes will be done at a later date. Hopeful estimates are for the following week.

The pavement will sit above the surrounding gravel, this will make James St. temporarily impassable, even to local traffic. Residents along James St. are encouraged to look out for information from the state Department of Transportation as to how they are supposed to be using their cars until the road is finished.

If you are a fan of lasers, the pavers will be using a new technology to guide their work. Normally the construction crews would setup string lines to act as guides for the paving equipment. Columbus is going to be one of the first places to rely exclusively on sensors.

Sidewalks are being removed over the coming days on the north side of West James St. This work will stop at Dickason Blvd. The sidewalks downtown are likely to remain untouched until after Labor Day.

Those with questions should contact the city’s business liaison intern, JT Cestkowski, at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. His life lacks purpose without your concerns and curiosities occupying his time. You can also subscribe to future updates through the “News” tab to the left, and please continue visiting www.askjames1660.com for the latest on the James St. Reconstruction Project.

Construction Update for the Week of August 14th

Good news everyone! We have a firm date on when the first paving of the stage two area will begin: Wednesday, August 16th. “Stage Two” is the construction code name for most of the work being done west of 73/Ludington St. However the entire stretch of road will not receive pavement.

Paving will happen in two areas. The first is from the James St./Dix St./Industrial Dr. intersection to the old Countryside Ford dealership/future fire station. The other is Lewis St. to Ludington St.

Please note, just because the road will be paved, does not mean it will be open. There is a lot of work to be done. This includes new sidewalks, curb and gutter, line painting, etc. There is not yet a date for when the road will be open, but the stage one area (east of Ludington St.) remained closed for several weeks after the paving.

In preparation for the big pave, crews will continue to grade gravel as well as begin laying stakes and some stringline to guide the pavers.

If you would like to ask a question, express a concern or be explained the many evils of the Oxford Comma, please e-mail Business Liaison Intern JT Cestkowski at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. You can subscribe to e-mail updates via the “News” tab, and please keep coming back to www.askjames1660.com for all the latest news and events surrounding the James St. Reconstruction Project.

Construction Update for the Week of August 7th

This week’s big news is the news itself! Meta, we know.

You can now subscribe and get the latest James St. Construction Updates delivered straight to your inbox.

If you click on the “News” tab to the left and select “view all,” you can sign up for e-mails that will be sent out every time there is an update on the construction. It is just another way for you stay even more on top of the road renovation.

These updates will be different from what City Administrator Patrick Vander Sanden already sends out each Friday. They will include the weekly updates posted here, plus the any urgent mid-week news.

This week’s actual road construction scuttlebutt is sparse.

All work is proceeding as normal, with crews continuing to push ever farther ahead of the original November finish date.

The holes dug at the Industrial Dr./Dix St./James St. intersection will be filled over the coming days, as will the section of James St. that is still uneven between Birdsy St. and Lewis St. The later portion needs to be made level to allow for a hopeful August 14th pavement.

That is it for this week. If you have any questions, problems or concerns, please e-mail the city’s resident genius/business liaison, JT Cestkowski, at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. You can also call City Hall at 623-5900. Please subscribe to the construction updates mentioned above, and keep checking in with www.askjames1660.com for the latest on all things road construction.

Construction Update for the Week of July 31st

The work happening near the James St./Industrial Dr./Dix St. intersection is the burying of utilities. This is in anticipation of construction moving down that direction in the coming weeks.

Work continues on making the West James St. section currently under construction (Ludington St. to Lewis St.) ready for an August pave. This work includes bringing in crushed rock material that is graded into a smooth surface on which pavement is laid.

Speaking of pavement, there is a bit of bad news. Originally it was thought this stretch of road would have to wait until October to get its top layer of concrete. Then that was moved up to August 1st. However, the date has changed yet again to August 14th.

If you are a “glass half-full” kind of person you probably see this as still being a month and a half early. If you are a “glass half-empty” kind of person, we encourage you to e-mail our Business Liaison Intern, JT Cestkowski at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us and let him know how you feel. And no matter to what extent your glass is filled, please continue checking in with www.askjames1660.com for the latest on the James St. Reconstruction Project.

Construction Update for the Week of July 24th

First, some housekeeping. The July Business Update is scheduled for Wednesday July 26th at noon. It will be held inside of the community center, 161 North Dickason Blvd. If you are a business owner, this is a great opportunity to work with state DOT and the contractors. Your attendance also helps us at the city keep lines of communication open.

You may have noticed that the section of road that used to be a giant pit (West James St. from Ludington St. to Lewis St.) is now beginning to resemble a road. Over the last few days crews have been bringing in gravel to level the road for eventual pavement.

Speaking of pavement, the original idea was that this section would not be paved until October. This is no longer the case. The contractors are now hopeful that this stretch of road could be paved in August.

Business Liaison Intern, JT Cestkowski, is back from his vacation and feeling refreshed. Frankly it is annoying. We want to bury him in work. So please e-mail him any and all questions, problems or concerns you have about the James Street Reconstruction Project. As always, continue to check in at www.askjames1660.com for the latest news and information.

Construction Update for the Week of July 17th

Welcome back from our July 4th hiatus! We hope you, your friends and family were all able to enjoy the city and what it has to offer on our nation’s birthday. But you don’t come here for rundowns of holidays past. You come for the latest riveting road construction news.

This week is a lighter update as construction gets back up to speed after the July 4th holiday.

Work continues on the utilities along West James St. between Ludington and Lewis. The good news is that the street will only start to look better from here. Grading for this stretch will begin Thursday, July 13th, and continue through the following Wednesday, July 19th.

For those wondering when the portion of road currently torn up will receive pavement, the short answer is: we are not sure. The pavers are in high demand and come through when it makes sense for them to do so. We do not get to schedule them. That said, the stage two area currently under construction should be ready for pavement in a couple of weeks.

The work being done near American Packaging is the remainder left over on the sewer lift station. It is not yet general road construction. There is still no date for when any asphalt will be removed west of the Governor Lewis Mansion.

Finishing touches continue on East James St. Starting July 24th, that area will be getting its brand new light poles.

JT Cestkowski, our Business Liaison Intern, has finally worked his hands to a sufficient amount of bone as to merit some “vacation.” We put that in quotes, because while he will be out of state, and comatose on a beach, he will still be reachable via his e-mail, jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. Feel free to keep him on his toes with all of your burning James Street Reconstruction questions. And check back in on www.askjames1660.com for the latest road work news!

Construction Update for the Week of July 3rd

Let’s start off with traffic lights. The new ones are in downtown. If you are wondering why the poles the lights are mounted to continue up into the air, this is because street lights will be mounted on top of them.

Also in traffic light news, the temporary signals on the west end of town will be re-timed to help ease traffic. No longer will you be caught waiting for three cycles to turn from Dix St. onto James St.

Stage two reconstruction has now made in up to Lewis St. The old road was removed and the contractors are working on the underlying utilities. This section of West James St. (Ludington St. to Lewis St.) is likely to take about a month before continuing farther west.

However, you may see crews in the vicinity of Continental Dr. following the July 4th holiday. They will be finishing up the lift station and storm sewer in that area.

Speaking of the holiday, construction will pause at noon on Friday, June 30th and not resume until Wednesday, July 5th.

But if you can’t get enough of the James St. Reconstruction intrigue, perhaps you should spend the down time rehearsing your remarks for the July 18th city council meeting. A representative from the state DOT will be on hand to explain the slanted terraces on the 100 block of East James St.

And if the 18th is too far away, you can always let out any of your pent up rage on our Business Liaison intern, JT Cestkowski. He also is good at answering questions and solving problems. He can be reached at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. Further updates will continue uninterrupted on www.askjames1660.com.

Construction Update for the Week of June 26th

Work is set to complete on the Ludington St./James St. intersection Thursday, June 22nd. The lanes will be opened up and traffic may flow normally on 73. You will still be unable to turn onto James St. from Ludington.

The stage one area of James St. (River Rd. to Ludington St.) will be officially ready for use on July 5th, though a soft opening will occur after the parade on the 4th when the road will be opened to help the flow of local traffic.

That same stretch of East James St. Will be getting its pavement markings Thursday, June 22nd and Friday, June 23rd. This will be some of the last work done on the stage one area.

With stage one finishing up, stage two (Ludington St. to Industrial Dr.) is set to begin in earnest Monday, June 26th. Many of the cross streets will be barricaded at their James St. intersection, and James St. itself will only be open to those who live or work along the route. If you live in one of the houses affected by construction, be sure to check out the new Residents page on www.askjames1660.com for some resources and reminders.

Much has been made about the sidewalk grade on the north side of the 100 block of East James St. The sloping terrace near the curb was necessary to make the Americans with Disabilities Act mandated five foot walkway become flush with the curb. The city, State DOT and contractors are all aware of the issue and are working to determine what can or should be done.

If you would like to make your thoughts on the issue heard, you may do so by contacting your alderman, coming to the next council meeting or – if you are a business owner – attend the monthly James St. Project Update which is slated for noon on June 28th at the Community Center. Representatives from DOT and the contractors will be on hand to answer question and listen to concerns.

You can also direct also your James St. Reconstruction Project questions to the city’s Business Liaison Intern, JT Cestkowski. He is surprisingly attractive and helpful. His email is jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. And of course check back in at www.askjame1660.com for further updates on the construction.

James Street Construction Update for the Week of June 19th:

Stage One, everything east of Ludington St., is nearing completion. Crews have been laying sod and signage over the last couple days and are expected to finish the entire stage ahead of the July 4th target.

This has allowed work to begin on Stage Two, everything west of Ludington St., early. No doubt you may have noticed that the 100 block of West James St. in the process of being torn up.

Hwy 73/Ludington St., which has been restricted to a single lane of traffic lately, should be opening up soon after the workers finish laying asphalt pavement between Ludington St. and River Rd Thursday, June 22nd and Friday the 23rd.

Despite being ahead of schedule on the switch from Stage One to Stage Two, the Stage One detour will remain in effect through the week of the July 4th celebrations. This should help traffic flow better during the festivities, but if you are inviting anyone to town for the parade and fireworks (and you should), you may want to give them special directions into town so they do not accidentally take the detour all the way around.

The next monthly meeting between state DOT, contractors and business owners has been organized. The meeting will be at noon on Wednesday, June 28th at the community center. The community center is the old-old Anchor Bank building at 161 N. Dickason Blvd. The contractors are friendly and willing to answer any question you might have regarding the construction. We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns please give them to the city’s Business Liaison Intern, JT Cestkowski, at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. He works his magic and makes your problems disappear. And check back with www.askjames1660.com for any updates on construction.

James St. Construction Update for the Week of June 12th:

It is that time of the week again, time to get the latest salient details about the James St. reconstruction project!

If you have been down to the Ludington St./James St. intersection you’ve likely noticed that the workers have been replacing sidewalks and pouring in new colored crosswalks. This work is expected to continue this week and finish soon.

That same intersection is in the midst of a facelift. The road on the east end has been torn out and replaced, with work on the west side beginning just a few days ago. Today (Wednesday, June 7th) the crews are smoothing the earth in anticipation of dropping in the stone layer to be added tomorrow. Monday, June 12th, and Tuesday, June 13th are the dates slated for concrete to be poured on the western edge of the intersection.

Despite this solid progress, the stage one section of James St. (73/Ludington St. to River Rd.) will remain closed to traffic over the 4th of July. However, the restrictions on the side streets will be loosened to allow people to get around for the festivities associated with the 4th.

If you are a fan of new signage and sod, good news, these will be brought into the stage one area starting Tuesday, June 13th.

That is it for today’s update. Please continue to check in with www.askjames1660.com for the latest news on the James St. reconstruction project. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the road work, please email the city’s Business Liaison at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. 

James Street Construction Update for the Week of June 5th:

This week sees the continuation of work on the sidewalks along East James St. between River Road and Water St. This work should be done by the end of Monday, June 5th. Further work along the sidewalks will continue into the rest of the week with the 100 block of East James St. getting all of its sidewalks done by the end of Friday, June 9th.

Prep work continues on West James St. as crews work on the water main and on installing a sanitary lift station near Continental Drive. This work is in preparation for stages two and three of the project. Stages two and three represent all of the work to be done on West James St. That is everything west of Ludington St./Hwy 73.

Stages two and three are set to begin later this month, ahead of their original July 4th estimate. The entire project is running several weeks ahead of schedule. Construction was supposed to last into November, but current estimates mark the completion date as October 20th.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns with the James St. reconstruction project, please call Columbus City Hall at (920) 623-5900, or e-mail the city’s Business Liaison, JT Cestkowski, at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. And of course continue to check in at www.askjames1660.com for more announcements.

James Street Construction Update for the Week of May 30th:

This week is about sidewalks, sidewalks, sidewalks! And well, also some other stuff.

Thursday, May 25th will see the finishing of the new colored crosswalks on the east end of James St. The following Thursday, June 1st, will begin the pouring of the new sidewalks on the E. James St. block of downtown. This work will continue into Friday and possibly the following Monday, June 5th, though the contractors were optimistic that the sidewalks could be finished by the 2nd.

Any impression that the new pavement sits lower than the old is simply an optical illusion created by the gap between the street and sidewalk. Once the new sidewalk is poured into the gap, the new walkway and street should feel just like the old, except smoother.

Work will continue through the week on the sewer lift station being installed near the James St./Continental Dr. intersection, and on the water main that runs under W. James St. The water main needs to be worked on before the road construction, because accessing the main after would mean digging up the brand new street.

If you have any questions or concerns about the James Street (Hwy 16/60) Project, please contact city hall at 623-5900, or email the city’s Business Liaison at jtcestkowski@columbuswi.us. And of course check back in at www.askjames1660.com for further updates on the construction.