Garbage & Recycling

Curbside Household Garbage/Recycling Collection

LRS (formerly known as Badgerland Disposal) is proud to announce new curbside collection service for residents in the City of Columbus beginning January 2024. LRS will provide weekly refuse and recycling collection for all residents.

LRS will be servicing your current carts, the city-owned trash and recycle carts on site when services start in January. Containers should be placed 3 feet apart & 3 feet from any obstruction. Walking between carts is a good rule of thumb, or place one cart on the left side of the driveway and the other cart on the right.

LRS is excited to provide this new curbside program and appreciates the opportunity to serve the City of Columbus. Additional information or any questions and concerns may be answered by calling LRS at 608-580-0580 or emailing

2024 LRS Trash and Recycling Calendar & Map

Trash and recycle items will be collected weekly. Holidays on a weekday will result in service being delayed by one day. Totes must be curbside by 6:00 AM of scheduled collection day.  You may download the trash and recycling pick-up calendar.


City of Columbus residents can view the map above or download the weekly trash and recycle service map. LRS will pick up trash and recycling each week with collection for residents on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The day of the weekly collection are as follows:

  • Monday - Residents living on the north side of State Hwy 16, east side of State Hwy 73 from James St. until Farnham St. and east side of Farnham St. / State Hwy 89. Please refer to the blue section of the map.
  • Wednesday - Residents living on the south side of State Hwy 16, west side of State Hwy 73 from James St. until Fuller St. and north side of Fuller St. Please refer to the yellow section of the map.
  • Thursday - Residents living on the south side of Fuller St., west side of State Hwy 73 from Fuller St. until Farnham St. and west side of Farnham St. / State Hwy 89. Please refer to the pink section of the map.


Collection Program Guidelines

Trash and recycle will be picked up weekly. Trash and recycling must be curbside by 6:00am on your designated collection day. All waste / recycling materials must be INSIDE of the carts, waste or bags outside of the carts will not be serviced, and on holiday weeks, we operate on a one-day delay when the holiday FALLS ON A WEEKDAY.

Solid waste is what most of us think of as “trash”, “refuse” or “garbage” that is produced at home, work or leisure. This category does NOT include any of the recyclable items listed below, any household hazardous waste, liquid latex paint, yard waste, appliances or electronics.

Prohibited Weekly Collection ItemsThese items are not allowed and will not be handled by LRS for curbside pickup:

  • HAZARDOUS GOODS: no flammable materials such as oil, gas or paint, batteries, household hazardous waste, banned electronic waste, engine parts or tires.
  • YARD WASTE: no grass clippings, leaves, branches, soil, dirt, sod, hot ashes, etc.
  • CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: no concrete, rock, demolition debris, large construction waste items.
  • OTHER ITEMS: Freon appliances.

Bulk Item Service

Two (2) bulk items are included per home each month on your designated pick-up day. Resident must call/email at least 48 hours in advance of monthly bulk pick-up day to schedule. No freon appliances, no tires, no waste oil, no electronics, no waste liquids, no batteries.

Bulk “pay-per-item” option is available year-round. Please email or call (608) 580-0580 to arrange services. Item(s) must be <50 lbs. and manageable by one person (or broken down into manageable piece), no yard waste, no tires, no hazardous material, no waste oils, and no liquids. Regular bulk items (mattress, sofa, table, chair, etc.) and non-freon appliances, $55/each, freon appliances $65/each.

Prohibited Bulk Items: Freon appliances, e-waste/electronics, liquid waste, hazardous waste, waste oil, tires, yard waste, or construction material.


Your recycling cart will be serviced every week based on the enclosed calendar. The following items are banned from Wisconsin landfills and as a result should be placed in your recycling cart for proper processing, handling and/or reuse:

  • Aluminum containers, glass containers, steel containers (tin/aluminum cans).
  • Bi-metal containers (i.e. containers made from a combination of steel and aluminum).
  • Corrugated cardboard (all corrugated cardboard cut into pieces no larger than 3' x 3').
  • Magazines and other materials printed on similar paper.
  • Newspaper and other materials printed on newsprint, mixed paper.
  • Plastic containers #1 - #7 - milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, soda and water bottles, etc.

Customer Service & Additional Service Offerings

LRS is excited to provide this new curbside program and appreciates the opportunity to serve the City of Columbus. Additional information or any questions may be answered by calling LRS at 608-580-0580 or emailing

Contact us for help with commercial dumpsters, roll-off dumpster services for cleanouts / remodels / demos / builds, and/or portable restroom services. More information at

DPW Appliance and Electronic Recycling Events

ColumbusElectronicsRecyclingCenterMapLast Event - Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023, from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Resource Solutions Corp. 608-244-2454 located at 5493 Express Circle, Madison, WI is the company that will be hosting our Electronics event this year. Since they are located in Madison, if someone does need to get rid of an item, they can always drop them off to them in Madison, and they will pay the same price as the event in Columbus! Our next event is Saturday, October 28 from 8 until noon.

City of Columbus residents are welcome to recycle their electronics and appliances at the Landscape Recycling Center, located at N3642 River Rd. Columbus, WI on the date(s)/time listed above. A variety of electronics and appliances can be recycled for free or with a small fee.

Recycle These Electronics for Free:

  • Computer Towers
  • Cords / Wire
  • Power Supplies
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Telephones
  • Video Gaming Devices
  • Cell Phones
  • Audio Equipment
  • MP3 Players
  • Routers / Modems
  • Desktop Printers
  • Christmas Lights
  • Cable / Satellite Boxes
Unfortunately, smoke detectors, thermometers, or thermostats are not accepted.

Recycle These Electronics for a Charge:

  • Flat & Tube Computer Monitors - $20 each
  • Flat & Tube TVs (29" and under) - $20 each
  • Flat & Tube TVs (30" to 49") - $40 each
  • Flat & Tube TVs (50" to 60") - $60 each
  • Wood Console & Projection TVs - $60 each
  • Mini-Fridge / Window AC Units - $20 each
  • Dehumidifiers - $20 each
  • Large Refrigerators / Freezers - $35 each
  • Microwaves / Large Copy Machines - $15 each
  • Large Appliances - $25 each
TVs larger than 60 inches are billed at a $60 + additional per inch fee - please call 608-244-2454 for details.

For your safety and ours, please:

  • No batteries or bulbs.
  • Wipe down all materials prior to the event.
  • Stay in your vehicle at the event, we will unload.

DPW Bulk Item Drop Off & Curbside Pickup Program

The City of Columbus Department of Public Works (DPW) is offering a larger/bulk item drop off and curbside collection program in the City of Columbus, open to City residents only. Residents will need to call the DPW office at (920) 623-5908, email or stop in person at the DPW Office, located at 229 E. School St. and register their request. Payment arrangements must be made prior to drop off or pick up.

Eligible Drop Off / Collection Materials Accepted

$20 per item for drop off / $35 per item for curbside collection (pricing subject to change at the discretion of DPW staff):

  • furniture (chairs, couches, mattresses, tables, desks)
  • interior household shelving
  • larger children’s toys/furniture
  • any other items deemed acceptable at the discretion of DPW

Items NOT Eligible for Drop Off:

  • electronics (computers, televisions)
  • appliances (freon appliances, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.)
  • microwaves
  • LP tanks
  • chemicals, paint/stain-call 
  • clothing
  • yard waste
  • everyday household trash

Metal Items Accepted at NO Charge:

  • Bicycles, washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, water heaters, and other miscellaneous metals

Bulk Item Curbside Pickup Collection

Residents who have eligible large/bulk items and are unable to bring their items to the DPW dumpster site, can request DPW collect their item at the curb. Items eligible for collection are the same as those accepted at the drop off-site. DPW will then come to the stated address and review whether the items are eligible for collection.

Curbside Collection Hours: made by appointment. 

If needing an outside vendor to place a large dumpster in the street for a remodeling/construction project, a Dumpster Permit will be needed. 

If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at (920) 623-5908.