Hillside Cemetery

The Hillside Cemetery located on North Lewis Street is owned and maintained by the City of Columbus.

Hillside Cemetery is owned by the City of Columbus and is operated by the Hillside Cemetery Association with maintenance and repair responsibilities being delegated to the Department of Public Works employees. 

The Hillside Cemetery Association establishes rules and regulations for the operation of Hillside Cemetery and maintains all necessary records relating to the cemetery. The association consists of 9 members who serve a 3-year term, and 3 advisory members who each serve a 1-year term. Members are elected by the association at the annual meeting in June of each year.

Questions and purchasing cemetery lots can be directed to call 920-210-3557 or email either hillsidecemetery@columbuswi.gov or columbusdpw@columbuswi.gov.

Funeral directors making arrangements for burials can contact the Department of Public Works to locate and mark the burial site. Arrangements can be made through the Public Works Department regular hours from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Decorations and floral arrangement(s) are permitted on a gravesite for Spring starting May 1 through September 19, if not removed by September 19 items will be disposed of by the City. For Winter starting October 15 through April 1, if not removed by April 1 items will be disposed of by the City.

Interactive Map and Records

Below is a link to an interactive geographic information system map of the Hillside Cemetery. You can use it to search for particular death and burial records, find the location of a grave you wish to visit or simply take a virtual tour of the cemetery. Click on any grave to get the records of the person interred. Simply search or zoom in and click around. 

Interactive Cemetery Map
  1. Deb Moungey

    Hillside Cemetery Secretary

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm


The Whitney Memorial Chapel is 100 Years OldWhitney Chapel

How savvy are you with Columbus history? A lot of us have heard of the Whitney building, but have you heard of the Whitney Memorial Chapel? Score yourself 100 points if you have, and 100 more points if you know where the Chapel is located. You may be asking yourself "why 100 points?". Well, because the Chapel hasIn Memory Of now stood prominently in the Columbus Hillside Cemetery for 100 years.

The chapel's design and construction were commissioned by Alonza H. Whitney in early 1921 in memory of his parents, Henry A. and Helen M. Whitney. Builders, Hasenfus and Ibisch, finished on schedule before the winter of 192Chapel Interior1. The design is an exact duplicate of an old English chapel. It was constructed of red brick with beamed ceilings and stained glass. The 22 x 24-foot building contains a chapel proper, seating capacity for 40 people and a mausoleum with nine crypts.

He chapel's intended purchase was to accommodate small funeral services during inclement weather. The crypts were used to temporarily store caskets during times of heavy rainfall or winter months when a grave could not be dug. Cemetery history tells us there were times when all nine crypts were in use. Today they remain empty thanks to modern techniques for digging graves.Crypts 

As times change, today the Whitney Memorial Chapel is seldom used even though it is available for rent through the City of Columbus. For more information, contact Public Works at 920-623-5908 or email columbusdpw@columbuswi.us or directordpw@columbuswi.us

The Whitney Memorial Chapel is a truly unique addition to the Hillside Cemetery. Take a walk past the chapel this summer while out and about and see for yourself how charming the little chapel truly is. 

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