Public Works FAQ

What should I know about garbage and recycling collection?

Columbia County Recycling and Solid Waste handles the residential household garbage collection within the City of Columbus, Wisconsin. Residents looking to set up a new collection service should contact Columbia County Recycling and Solid Waste at (608) 742-6651.

The city uses standard 96-gallon size waste and recycling carts for automated collection. Place your Trash can on one side of your driveway or property, not in the street. Place your Recycling can on the other side. Keeping the cans at least 3 feet away from trees, mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and other structures. 

Columbia County Solid Waste also offers many other garbage and recycling services. Visit their website or call (608) 742-6651

What should I know before doing any digging?

Digger’s Hotline is a free service that you use before you do any kind of digging to make sure you don’t damage underground lines. Call them at least three working days before you start digging and they will help you avoid costly or dangerous buried lines.

Phone: 811 or (800) 242-8511


Looking to update my driveway, sidewalk, or parking lot do I need a permit?

A permit is needed to remove and replace city sidewalk, to cut the curb, and/or to remove and replace, to initially install the approach to a driveway (between the curb and sidewalk), repair or widen a driveway, and parking lot installment/repair.

Public Works Permits & Forms

I have a problem I would like to report, whom do I contact?

Your Public Works Department strives to provide the best service possible to residents and businesses. To achieve this, we ask that if you see any infrastructure problems or an unsafe condition, please report it by contacting the Public Works Department at (920) 623-5908.

Our staff is on call and able to respond to emergency situations 24 hours per day / 7 days per week.