Hibbard Street Construction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What work will this project include?

The entire length of Hibbard Street will be reconstructed from Maple Avenue to Dix Street with all new utilities underneath. Turner Street is also being included in the scope of work. Turner street will have storm water run underneath it from Maple Avenue to Hibbard street with the asphalt being replaced.. A map showing the limits of the project has been provided on the back of this sheet.

2) How long with the project take?

The contractor, Forest Landscaping and Construction, Inc., is proposing to complete this timeline in approximately 14-16 weeks. Starting the first week in August and finishing up at the end of November.

3) How will traffic be managed during the project?

The road will be closed to thru traffic for the duration of the project. Provisions will be made for resident access.

4) How will this affect access to my driveway?

Most driveways are proposed to be removed and replaced with concrete approaches from the road to the edge of the Right- of-Way (in most cases). This means that at some point during the project, you will not have access to your normal driveway for approximately one (1) week. When this time comes City staff and Construction staff will work together to notify residents of the upcoming work.

5) What if I am parked in?

If you need to get your vehicle out of the driveway and there is construction equipment in the way all you need to do is kindly notify the construction staff and they will accommodate you to the fullest extent possible. Please plan ahead, if they are in the middle of a project it may be a few minutes before they can move equipment.

6) Will my water or sewer service be affected?

 Yes, there will be intermittent outages of utilities during this project. The contractor will give a 24 hour notice of any scheduled outages.

7) How will mail delivery and trash pickup be affected?

Mail service will continue throughout the duration of the project with minimal interruptions. Provisions will be made to ensure that the contractor allows trash services to be maintained.

8) Will my lawn, landscaping, or trees be affected by the project?

Your lawn and existing landscaping may be affected by the project in some areas. If work is to be performed outside of the City Road Right-of-Way (ROW), you will be contacted to obtain a grading easement or letter of consent. Any disturbed lawn areas will be restored at the end of the project.

9) Who do I contact if I have questions, concerns, or problems?

Please contact the following individual(s):

• Public Works Director: Zach Navin



With the on-going COVID-19 concerns, the City and construction staff and workers will be taking all appropriate precautionary measures while working in the field. Appropriate social distancing will be maintained. Resident notices regarding the project will be distributed in a safe manner that does not require direct contact between persons.

Safety: Please understand that this is the most important aspect of this project. Please work with us in respecting all construction signs and drive at a lower speed when in a construction zone. When concrete or asphalt is being placed, please remain off of the concrete until all barricades, barrels, and/or caution tape have been removed. Disregarding barricades, barrels, and/or caution tape could result in delays in construction.

We realize that this project may cause some inconveniences but reconstructing the road and performing other associated work will improve the community for years to come by providing safe roads and better drainage to the residents in the area. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.