Public Works Permits & Forms

A permit is needed to remove and replace city sidewalk, to cut the curb, and/or to remove and replace, to initially install the approach to a driveway (between the curb and sidewalk), repair or widen a driveway, and parking lot installment/repair.

No person shall install, alter, change, replace or extend across or through any sidewalk or curbing of any driveway without having first obtained a permit from the director of public works.
Sec. 86-194 - Permit required. (Code 1978, § 8.10(3); Ord. No. 745-19, § 7, 3-5-19)

Driveway Permit

Street Opening Permit

Sidewalk Construction Permit

Dumpster in Street Placement Permit

Tree Maintenance or Removal Order / Private Tree Form

Sign Permit

Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit

Applications will not be processed unless all required information for the specific application type is submitted, and the application fee is paid. No partial application will be accepted, and final acceptance will be determined by City Staff.