Udey Dam Operation

Columbus, WI Udey Dam 02City of Columbus Public Works Department and staff involved with Udey Dam management will be assisting City Engineering with assessment and planning of the CDBG - 2nd Ward Creek Dredging Project. It will be necessary to operate dam levels at minimal levels allowed during this project. 

In accordance with project assessment and planning the dam gates will periodically be adjusted to bring upstream water levels to lower or minimal levels allowed. These adjusted levels will be temporary and will be adjusted back to normal operating levels once assessments or work has been completed. This will occur starting May 2nd and go through the spring / summer season until project is completed. 

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

You can visit this hydrologic prediction service webpage by the National Weather Service.  The information contained on this page is used to help determine when the gates of the Udey Dam are opened. Here is an example of what the graph will look like:

Crawfish River at Columbus flood stage graphic

Udey Dam Staff Gauge Operation

You can view this map and staff gauge document which shows when gates of the Udey Dam are opened. When certain water levels occur, the gates of the dam are incrementally opened to maintain water level.  During flood conditions, all of the dam's gates are opened.