Notice to Destroy Noxious Weeds

Notice is hereby given that any person owning, occupying or controlling land within the City of Columbus shall destroy all noxious weeds on the land. 

Noxious weeds means weeds and plants known as the Canada thistle, leafy spurge, creeping jenny, pigweed, quack grass and all other forms and types of weeds and grasses or herbaceous plants that are useless and without special beauty or growing to the injury of a crop or desired vegetation or to the disfigurement of a place or underbrush. The term "noxious weeds" shall not include a crop, vegetables or ornamental and decorative flowers, shrubs, bushes or plants or any vegetation growing in a marshland area no closer than 200 feet to any existing occupied dwelling or crop land under cultivation, which area has been designated by the council as a wildlife habitat area after a hearing by the plan commission, as in the case of conditional use applications.

The Columbus Weed Commissioner will carefully investigate the existence of noxious weeds in this city; and if any person shall fail or neglect to destroy any weeds as required in Chapter 106, Article IV, of the City of Columbus Municipal Code, he shall, without further notice, destroy or cause all such weeds to be destroyed and cause the cost of such summary destruction to be charged to the owner of the property upon which such weeds had grown. The cost of such destruction shall take into consideration the reasonable wear and tear on the machinery and equipment necessary for such destruction.  As provided by state statute and local ordinance, the weed commissioner, his agents, representatives and employees, may enter upon any lands upon which any weeds are growing and cut or otherwise destroy them, without being liable to an action for trespass or any other action for damages resulting from such entry and destruction, if reasonable care is exercised in the performance of the duties imposed in this division.

For questions on weeds and compliance with this ordinance, please contact the Columbus Public Works Department, 229 E. School St., 920-623-5908 or email at

Click to view the notification letter that's sent out to residents violating the noxious weeds ordinance.